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A short update on how I approached Stepn. Looking at the energi and finding out increasing both efficiency, and resiliency attributes provide a higher earning percentage over luck and comfort. So while leveling up my shoe I stayed away from adding the attribute points to luck or comfort upon leveling up and stuck strictly to efficiency, to increase GST/GMT Earnings, and resiliency to reduce shoe repair costs. I did buy the maximum amount of 30 NFT sneakers and have been using almost all of the energi of 20 per day. 

After every two hours after walking/jogging/running while connected to data on mobile smartphone, earnings estimate around $4.5 - $6 daily. I just want an additional way to have higher amount of energi points. I've some information to sift through and I believe there may be a way to get a 5 extra bonus energi. Moving forward, I found out about a huge advantage to some perks to the site. I'll leave this in an update in a future post, and if mathematics align with the statistics shown for these increases, I expect the $4.5- $6 each day to at least quadruple possibly even 40X+ my daily earning amounts. Looking at about $28- $240 daily It'll be an expensive investment, as they say "risk it to get the biscuit". It's a chance I'm going to take, sometimes they work, and sometimes we come up a little short of expectations. I'll keep you updated.

In total so far, I've walked/jogged, 315 Kilometers or 195 miles. When walking with the attribute distribution, walking earns around 60 cents per KM at current stat points distribution. Jogging/running is slightly higher earnings. I've missed 1-2 days in the last 1-2 months and have no plans of missing many more days. In fact, I'm going to add the fitfi application with as high upgrades to the best of my affordability. Four hours a day walking does sounds like a pretty good part-time job to me.

If you require an activation code: 81440403

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