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Freewallet reviews on other websites

Here is a customer complaint left on the Bitcointalk forum. The user says that his transaction suspiciously... evaporated... And the support responds to all requests with template messages. The amount of damage amounted to almost 6,000 USDT.

But that’s not even important. If you browse the entire Bitcointalk forum, you will find dozens of threads in which users directly accuse Freewallet of being a scam!

Exactly the same picture will appear on other similar resources. Almost everywhere there are complaints from victims, in which they say that Freewallet illegally blocked the withdrawal of assets, and support does not help in any way to solve the problem. That is, clients’ savings were simply stolen!

By the way, even Elon Musk almost lost money because of this application. Because the administration blocked his wallet too. But, of course, no one would steal money from such a famous person, and access to Musk’s account was returned. But for ordinary users - no.

Freewallet scam accusations

The main accusation against Freewallet is KYC scam. Today, verification is a standard procedure on most crypto exchanges. It is necessary to combat money laundering. Some wallets also require clients to undergo KYC. This may seem strange and users may not like it, but that’s not even the main complaint. Under the pretext of verification, Freewallet blocks clients from withdrawing money. But no matter how much the user tries to pass KYC, the administration will reject the requests. Either under the pretext of poor quality of documents, or with the help of a demand to provide more information. Sometimes support completely ignores customer messages, pretending that they don’t see the request.

Here is an example of Freewallet KYC scam. The client tells how he repeatedly tried to pass verification. And each time the administration found new excuses not to return access to the account. Moreover, everything seems legal in appearance, because KYC/AML procedures are prescribed in the service rules. But in reality we are talking about banal fraud. 

After reading the reviews and complaints of dozens of clients, you can come to a single conclusion: never use Freewallet org! It's a scam!

But I saw Freewallet review in which client explained that wallet is safe

It is important to emphasize: in order to choose a safe and reliable wallet, you need to look at real reviews left by real customers. Freewallet spares no expense on advertising. They also order paid comments in which “customers” praise the application. They often talk about low fees, convenient functionality, and cold storage. It's all a lie. 

Real clients in reviews most often mention 2 problems: The administration blocked the withdrawal of coins. The incoming transaction simply disappeared, and support ignores the messages. You can find dozens of similar stories, which means only one thing. Freewallet is not safe!

Useful tips for Freewallet scam victims

If you haven't had time to read our warning and have already deposited coins on Freewallet, don't waste time! Try to withdraw your assets as soon as possible! 

If this does not help and the account is frozen, follow these

Write to this address and we will:

  • Help you to collect and record evidence of fraud. In particular, our lawyer will assess the availability of correspondence, screenshots, give advice on how to get them if you did not have time to do so.
  • We will help you draw up a legally competent appeal to the police, court or prosecutor’s office to initiate a criminal case and return assets.
  • If necessary, we will provide informational support and make sure that as many people as possible know about each negative review.

In addition, it is very important to contact the competent authorities at your residential address, as well as send electronic complaints. This will help not only stop scammers, but also create an evidence base directly for your case!

Also, don’t forget to add your complaints and reviews online. Warn other users and help them not to make a similar mistake. Freewallet review show only one thing: this wallet is a scam! Be careful and don't lose your assets!

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