Bad Actors Hack Twitter Account of the Sandbox CEO, Posts Fake Airdrop of SAND Tokens

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The CEO and co-founder of the popular blockchain-based metaverse platform The Sandbox () just fell victim to bad actors who breached his Twitter account. 

The Sandbox chief executive Arthur Madrid his followers that his Twitter account was recently hacked.

He also says that people should be cautious when clicking links, particularly those that do not use The Sandbox’s official domain name. 

“My Twitter was hacked today. and now is back. Please never click on any link that promotes airdrop or URL and looks SCAMMY – and not 100% using our proper and unique URL/domain name:

The Sandbox the perpetrators made it appear that the platform was distributing SAND tokens to direct people to a site that may compromise their personal and financial information. 

Our CEO and Co-Founder Arthur Madrid’s Twitter account has been hacked. The hacker is posting a scam/phishing link for a fake airdrop of SAND tokens.”

Source: The Sandbox/Twitter

The Sandbox urges users to refrain from clicking on the suspicious link and to report the post. The firm says it is also working to take down the fraudulent website. 

“Do NOT click on the link and instead report the post so it is blocked. We’re working on getting the site down and fix it ASAP.”

SAND is trading for $0.53, up by 2.94% over the past 24 hours.

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