Apple Security Alert Issued As New Scam Drains Bank Accounts, Steals Personal Info

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Security experts are warning millions of Apple users about a new scam designed to extract your sensitive personal and banking information.

The scam comes in the form of several fake iCloud text messages containing malicious links, reports Trend Micro.

Here’s a look at the fake alerts:

  • CLOUD SERVICE TERMINATION. Upgrade now or lose your stored photos and files.
  • ACCOUNT SUSPENDED: Your cloud account has been suspended due to reaching its limits, Upgrade NOW or claim 100GB FREE
  • CLOUD STORAGE ALERT. Upgrade immediately or say goodbye to your stored photos and files.

When the links are clicked, unsuspecting users are taken to a phony iCloud login page.

And once you log in, scammers instantly gain access to private data – with iCloud Keychain users especially exposed to losing credit and debit card information and website login credentials.

In the last week, Trend Micro says it’s blocked the phishing attempts more than 5,000 times on behalf of its clients.

“Don’t click! If you do, you will be taken to a fake iCloud login page, and scammers can steal your login credentials.

With them, they can block you from your account, make purchases using your stored credit card details, and even access your private data. Watch out!”

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