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Bitcoin has been pumping for two consecutive Mondays recently, will it pump on the upcoming Monday? 

It is a little bit to early to say but I think it will not and there is going to be a change in pump pattern a new day perhaps but which day can we expect the pump to commence? 

First I think Bitcoin should reach the $33,000 mark I talked about in my previous BTC post. I look at the chart and I think this should happen this weekend and actually Bitcoin could pump on Monday. lol

Or perhaps we could have a bigger dump to $31,500 This is a possibility though because that is one of the support (previous resistance) that Bitcoin broke violently!

The longer I think about it the more violable scenario that is! Nothing grows in a straight line and the pullback would be around 10%

That would perfectly fall in line with the pump in 2020 bull run it also had 10% pull back after the first volatile pump just like we had this past week!

Looks like we are going to have an interesting weekend and the beginning of next week! 

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