Telegram Idle Bitcoin game "Crypto Airline" - Day 6

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Pretty excited to share this update about Crypto Airlines with you. Started entering some of the data into excel and will be able to play around with the numbers over the next few updates.

This is my current status:

Looks great to see the BTC line increasing like that! Trying to get it even steeper! I went from 0.000053 BTC to 0.000061 BTC, which is roughly $2.66 and represents a 15% increase. Not bad, given there is no new plane yet.

The passengers per hour is still the same, haven't bought any new planes as I want to save money to buy the Embraer EMB120. That will boost my passengers per hour up from 175 passengers per hour to 405 passengers per hour ( 231+% increase!) I have saved 1218 "wingdollars" of the 2000 "wingdollars" needed. So just a few more days left.

Should you be interested in Crypto Airlines, have a read of my how to post. See you next time!

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