SuperUMAns #72 - UMfluencer Program January Review

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The UMfluencers Program started in September, with a vision that wanted to enhance the UMA ecosystem and the general blockchain awareness. The aim was to create a group that was able share their knowledge about UMA tools and products, amplify UMA posts, and maintain UMA’s topics trending on Twitter.

UMA posts and general discussions regarding UMA tools required a “human touch”, as the engagement was generally between top names in the Cryptoverse. This could be intimidating for the common user, and the UMfluencers are the ones that could fill the gap. The UMfluencer is defined as a crypto savvy person, with a good reputation in the social media space. 

How to start?

  • Claim the UMfluencer role in the UMA Discord
  • Write threads following the monthly topics
  • Share the threads in the dedicated channel
  • Add the number of impressions at the end of the month

UMfluencers Season Two kicked off with the January sprint, which marked a new All-Time High for number of threads posted on X. The standard monthly budged was set at 250 $UMA, which will be shared to the top UMfluencers based on the place they will have in the leaderboard.

Threads must pass the Quality Audit to be eligible for rewards. How will the thread's quality be assessed? A good thread will be considered one that has above 5 points obtained during internal audits. Read the UMfluencers Program Season Two article for an in-detail explanation. 

Join the February show-down and cover one or both topics. Write and spread the word about Oval (3 points), oSnap (2 points) or any other UMA product. We aim for both quality and quality, and this is why all entries that score more than 1000 impressions on Twitter will receive one extra point. The visibility bonus can be extended up to 5 points, one for each extra thousand impressions

The UMfluencers embraced the Huevos Rancheros topic, based on Oval spoilers, and shared hilarious memes. The old record of threads was broken, as January tally reached 34 entries. 

Christina's thread about Oval gathered the most community votes and impressions, and the points helped her gain the UMfluencer Of The Month title. Infinity and idksamad were on the chase, finishing narrowly behind. Razer and Heruvim filled the top 5 spots, and were rewarded for their effort. Those that didn't won prizes based on the leaderboard spot were added into the Lucky Wheel. Three of them were randomly chosen for 5 $UMA prizes.

Season Two introduced a new prize, for the top UMplifier. Two UMfluencers were rewarded with 10 $UMA each, based on the overall monthly engagement with UMA & team tweets. Their effort in amplification was noticed, and rewarded accordingly. 

Play2Earn: Doctor Who

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card

Fountains: PipeFlareGlobalHive ZCash

Creators bundle: Publish0x

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