In past I reviewed the Mini Royale

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In past I reviewed the Mini Royale. It's a good game where you would be playing the FPS game. But in this Solana based game they are launching a new game which requires the use of the Land economy. They seem to be taking this turn because there are many people who prefer to buy the LAND stakes in any game and that kind of drives the economy.

So let's discuss today what is a faraway land and what it means for the mini royale game players.

If you have played the townstar game from the Gala Games then you would find the faraway land on the same theme. You would be doing all the same things and maintain the town economy in the game just like townstar. Here however you would be forced to have the land, NFT items in the economy.

Here players are going to construct the building, do work and then distribute the resources and then earn the rewards along the way. Something that is often a lot of players are going to find this addictive as the town based games are fun to play as well. It got the lands on the sale recently and it's in public alpha right now.

For those who like this genre, I'd recommend keeping tab on this game. I am pretty sure in a year or so this game would take off and you would see amazing results too.

You can check out - Faraway Land

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