Bitcoin: Now what? 60k or 35k? Honestly, doesn't matter.

Do repost and rate:

This week Bitcoin crossed 48k then 50k now it's 52k.

The question I see from many people is what will the price be by the end of the week, end of month or before halving.

Noone knows and you shouldn't care much. Unless you are trading short term or trying to buy at lows the prices is constantly rising.

Dips will come which we all seek for, but true believers which see long-term only, care what prices will be next 2-5 years.

Still know one knows this answer but we all here believe that it will be up.

IF you are here for the technology, for the fact that Bitcoin means money, freedom and all related topics zoom out.

Bitcoin is hope.

This is what you need to know.

Regulation and Society adoption

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