Green Mining Initiative from Paypal and Energyweb!

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World has gone insane with the energy and the green footprint. While they are bombing each other which does not cause the climate crisis but using the bitcoin for mining would destroy the carbon footprint. And so the environmental terrorists have created the green energy, green everything stuff and they do this to harass the tech companies. Now Paypal has joined the green mining initiative with the energyweb. This way they are trying to appease the green environment bullies.

Paypal wrote a post on their Mirror newsletter. PYUSD has their one of the version of the newsletter where they have posted about it . Now they are posting about it on the twitter. You can see the tweet where they have the energyweb account which has posted about it as well. You may find they have mentioned about the rewards and trying to push for the bitcoin mining rewards for the green miners. 

You can check out the where the green mining initiative. It's a good reward program that would be rewarding the bitcoin mining in a green way and reduce the carbon footprint whatever that is. 

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