The Biggest No Brainer in Crypto

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Having a web3 BROWSER is the number one thing needed for web3 to work. 


Tell me, how do all of these beautiful modular blockchains connect all of these scalable privacy loving L2s to these incredible atomic wallets that allow for smooth transactions in all of the awesome play to ea...ooops, play AND earn next level financially enabled AAA AI agent infused FPS games with dynamic NFTs and provably fair gamblefi mechanics?

That's right — you get  of this great stuff if you don't have a browser to bring it to you.

written about $MASQ before, but after downloading their 0.9 update, it really hit me just how useless all the rest of this crap is without a web3 focused browser. 0.9 has some frustrating problems, but it's the closest thing to finished we have in web3, and it's at a WTFhow $10M mcap.

It's like everyone is taking the whole browser experience for granted while they get all googlyeyed about all the other stuff that NEEDS the browser to actually function.

First of all, any privacy protocol you may love is useless if the browser you access it through is spying on you. I really don't see how anybody using Google Chrome can fix their mouths to tweet anything about web3 privacy.

Second, using a browser from a private company always come to you with a bias for the other products from that company. If you're on Apple, you're constantly bombarded with Apple Store, Apple Music, and Apple apps. You are blocked from using some Google stuff. This is true even of Brave, the company supposedly concerned with your privacy. No. They're "cuumplyant" and so is Firefox. Even if there's nothing immediately nefarious here for most folks, you still minimize your choice by using these off the shelf products trying to put you in their pipeline.

$MASQ allegiance is to web3 as a whole. As soon as you start using Masq, you'll have convenient access to apps with no direct connection to the company, but that will help you immensely. This is the only way to keep web3 from being owned by web2: Right now Elon Musk owns every web3 project because all these shitty projects force connection through Twitter. If through Masq more people found and other Twitter alternatives because those alternatives are promoted as heavily as Twitter is on traditional browsers.

Third — and there are many points beyond this I'll leave out for the sake of brevity — the web3 focused browser is the only place where all of the features of individual projects can actually come together in a usable way. Even if everything works now, if any part of a centralized tech stack is attacked politically and caves to pressure, the entire stack is at risk.

Suppose a powerful government forces BRAVE or Chrome to backdoor their built-in VPNs or forces data collection. Not only are you unnecessarily losing out on choice of apps, but you're also basically gifting your private information to government. Unless these browsers are beginning to employ a DePIN structure to uphold their networks, they have a huge physical attack vector in the form of their physical servers.

Leaders in the tech space are doing their absolute best to keep you from learning anything about the primitives on which their new AI agent LLM trade bot Siri on crack consumer products are being built. This is so they can build in backdoors for cUmPLiUnZ so governments in power can take your privacy anytime they please.

The comments of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang that "you shouldn't learn to code anymore" are sure to further the severance between haves and have nots depending on whether you choose to believe that shit or not. It may not seem important to you now. It will be later.

As a (hopefully) decentralized entity, Masq can resist this kind of pressure because there is literally no team or private server farm to physically attack after decentralization has been properly employed.

I honestly don't care if $MASQ pumps or not, even though it as people become more aware of these incredibly important points. A comparison: 

$ENQAI, which is another project I like in theory, is at $75M mcap and has been as high as $120M. If you go on their website right now, they have a bunch of placeholders, not products. Masq, which is around $10M, has a full browser that you can use RIGHT NOW. The browser also has one of the best UIs of any browser on the market and serves as an easy normie entry into web3. If you want to introduce your web2 friend to web3, just pull up the Masq browser. You'll have convenient access to every cool web3 app you can think of.

$MASQ, $MASQ, $MASQ. Should be $1B and I'm going to shout until it is.

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