PlanetX Meta has exciting news for its users

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PlanetX Meta has exciting news for its users. The platform has recently introduced a new token pool where users can stake their IOTANs to earn MARTIA token rewards.

Now, users of PlanetX Meta can stake their IOTANs to earn MARTIA tokens. The MARTIA token is the native cryptocurrency of the game ColonizeMars, which runs on the WAX blockchain. ColonizeMars is a strategy game where players can build and manage their colonies on the red planet. The game has gained a lot of popularity in the crypto community, making MARTIA a sought-after token.

Staking IOTANs to earn MARTIA tokens on PlanetX Meta is an easy and straightforward process. Users can visit the "Stake" tab on the platform, select the IOTAN token pool, and input the desired amount to stake. Once the stake is complete, users can sit back and watch as their MARTIA tokens start accumulating. The more IOTANs a user stakes, the more MARTIA tokens they will earn.

This new development is a win-win for both PlanetX Meta and its users. Moreover, MARTIA token rewards can be used in-game, providing an added incentive for ColonizeMars players.

In conclusion, the introduction of the new token pool on PlanetX Meta is a significant step towards providing users with more options for earning rewards. Staking IOTANs to earn MARTIA tokens is a simple and effective way to earn rewards while also supporting the platform. With this development, PlanetX Meta offering its users a unique and rewarding experience.

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