Oasys Enters Strategic Collaboration With Payment Solution Provider Singularity

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Image: Oasys x Singularity

The partnership is set to provide gamers and users on Oasys with a seamless, convenient and user-friendly payment system across its ecosystem.

Singapore-based gaming blockchain announced a strategic partnership with Singularity, a cross-chain payment solution provider to introduce seamless payments within the Oasys ecosystem. The partnership aims to improve the user experience on the platform offering gamers “unparalleled convenience, ease of use and utility” within the platform. 

Looking to revolutionize blockchain gaming via its Layer 1 (Hub layer) and Layer 2 (Verse layers), Oasys' partnership with Singularity will enable the creation of more games, enhancing the overall payment infrastructure. According to the team’s statement, the collaboration will allow seamless cross-chain asset transfers, easy NFT purchases and other in-game payments. 

Over the past few years blockchain gaming has suffered, as gamers leave the platforms unsatisfied with the financial utility within the game. Daiki Moriyama, Oasys Director believes the partnership with Singularity will push more adoption to blockchain games and offer better user experience by enhancing usability and transaction speeds within its metaverse. 

 “By integrating Singularity and enabling a user experience that doesn’t concern itself with networks like Hub-Layer or Verse, we believe it will become easier for game developers to develop games for the mass market,” Moriyama commented. “This not only simplifies the payment process but also enhances the overall gaming experience.”

Singularity offers a complete solution for dApps building on Appchains. It enables developers to effortlessly and securely onboard new users and lets them fund their AppChain wallets directly using fiat or tokens. The partnership with Oasys will introduce solutions to tackle cross-chain payments, allowing users to asset swap, bridge tokens and switch networks seamlessly. Users on Oasys will now be able to automatically swap and bridge tokens as well as switch between different blockchain networks, allowing them to make payments across any of the Oasys Verses. 

Singularity’s payment solution (Image: Singularity)

In addition, users can now easily purchase NFTs or tokens directly on any Verse, using tokens from the Oasys Hub-Layer or from any other Verse. The partnership also allows users to use their credit and debit cards or any other acceptable fiat method to make payments within the Oasys ecosystem. 

“At Singularity, we have a deep-rooted belief that blockchain games will unlock a new era of utility and innovation for games and gamers around the world,” said Singularity CEO Aditya Gupta. “Oasys’s Verse framework resonates perfectly with our worldview that great games will be built on application-specific chains that are flexible and customizable.”

By opening up doors to new and seamless payment methods, Oasys expects more gamers to join its platform, broadening the ecosystem’s reach and appeal to gamers. 

During the launch of the new payment solution, 9Lives Arena,  a competitive online RPG hosted on HOME Verse on Oasys, announced its plans to integrate the Singularity NFT Checkout solution this year. This will mark a huge milestone in the Oasys ecosystem, building its platform for future blockchain gamers. 

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