Notcoin’s NOT Token Launches on TON, Supported by Exchanges

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This launch has captured the attention of major crypto exchanges, with Binance, OKX, and Bybit already on board. They are set to support the NOT token rollout.

Major Exchanges Rally to Support NOT Token Launch

In anticipation of the listing, OKX is initiating a promotional “Jumpstart” campaign on May 16th. This campaign is designed to reward users who stake their Toncoin by allocating a share of Notcoin tokens. 1.28 billion tokens, 1.25% of the total supply, will be distributed to campaign participants.

Following suit, BINANCE has unveiled its staking rewards program, which is even more generous. Binance plans to distribute over 3 billion tokens, approximately 3% of the token’s total supply, to its customers. This reward will be available to those who stake BNB or the FDUSD stablecoin on Binance’s platform. The specific details and start date of the claim process for these rewards have yet to be announced.

More About NOT

By contrast, Bybit has not disclosed any plans for a rewards program associated with NOT tokens. Additionally, details are still forthcoming regarding the claim process for Notcoin players. These players have accumulated NOT through the popular Telegram-based game associated with Notcoin.

Notcoin’s co-creator, Sasha Plotvinov, in a recent interview with Decrypt, shared insights into future plans for token holders. Plotvinov mentioned that players of the Telegram game will soon have options to transfer their NOT tokens to centralized exchanges or to withdraw them to self-custody wallets. This will offer them flexibility and control over their digital assets.

Regulation and Society adoption


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