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A Cheater's Heart

A cheater's heart is a dark and lonely place,

Where love is never truly felt,

Where trust is a fragile thing,

And betrayal is always dealt.

A cheater's heart is always looking for the next best thing,

The next thrill, the next excitement,

No matter who they have to hurt in the process.

A cheater's heart is never satisfied,

It's always wanting more,

More of what they can't have,

More of what they can't keep.

If you're in a relationship with a cheater,

Don't expect it to last,

Because they will always find a way to break your heart.

So if you see the signs,

If you see them becoming distant,

If they start lying to you,

If they start putting their phone away when you come near,

Don't ignore them,

Don't make excuses for them,

Don't let them make you feel like you're crazy.

Trust your gut,

And walk away,

Because a cheater's heart is never worth your time.


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