Microsoft adds interactive AI to search engine Bing

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AI in Bing

IT giant Microsoft announced on the 7th that it has equipped OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the search engine “Bing”. It allows users to interactively search the Internet through AI-powered chat.

Source: Bing

Google, a major search engine, just announced on the 6th the development plan of interactive AI (artificial intelligence) language model “Bard”. Bard is expected to open to the public in the coming weeks.

“Microsoft Bing”, which leads in AI functions, is expected to regain its search market share (9% as of November 2022). Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, emphasized the arrival of “a new era of search” at the launch event on the 7th.

The updated Bing acts as a research assistant, personal planner and creative partner. Users can ask more complex questions that reflect their needs, and Bing will summarize and answer the search results.

Through the chat function, it is also possible to deepen the question and elicit more detailed information (follow-up questions). Examples of use include generating customized meal plans and itineraries for recommended travel plans.

Below is the search result for “I’m planning a trip for my wedding anniversary in September. Can you tell me a good place that can be reached within 3 hours from Haneda or Narita?” The sentences created by AI are displayed on the right side of the conventional search results, and by clicking the blue “Let’s Chat” tab, you can transition to the chat interface.

Source: Bing

The number of users of the chat function is currently limited, and it can be used at any time by registering on the “waiting list”.

Last month, Microsoft announced an expanded partnership with OpenAI. The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has revealed plans to incorporate AI (artificial intelligence) tools such as ChatGPT into all of its products.

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More powerful than ChatGPT

According to Microsoft, the new Bing will run on a new next-generation OpenAI large-scale language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT and customized specifically for search. It’s “faster, more accurate, and more capable.”

ChatGPT is an interactive AI language model designed to answer user questions as if they were having a conversation with a human. It has a wide range of uses, including content creation, report creation, and software code design. Monthly active users surpassed 100 million in January, growing at the fastest pace since the end of November last year.

Trends in the AI ??field are currently attracting a lot of attention from crypto asset (virtual currency) investors. There is also a tendency for speculative buying to gather in AI-related tokens. According to the data site CoinGecko, virtual currencies in the AI ??category are rising across the board.

Source: Coingecko

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