MATR1X Raised 20 Million USD from Folius Ventures and SevenX Fund

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Raising funding for the esports games is nothing new. A lot of brands are daily pitching their games and the platform for the funding like that. And this has made many game companies rich over a period of time. Not just that they seem to have managed to raised fundings and even made exit. Now speaking securing funding, MATR1X company which has created FIRE, valorant like game for esports audience, has raised 20 million USD. 

There are multiple ventures that funded into this round. So they have made a tweet giving credits to those venture capital firms. And they also explained how they hit the initial target of 10M. And now they would be officially on the run for getting game to the audience. 

The game is raising the funds for the mobile version of the game. PC desktop version is already out and they have revealed that version a year back. So there is plenty of interesting stuff to explore. 

It's good to see the venture capital companies are funding into the game dev and the blockchain products. As they seem to recognize the future of the chain and also the games are going to be pretty good with the funding as they happen to get a chance that will release the mobile version of such games easily. 

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