Increase your earnings on PublishOx with this uncommon PublishOx feature

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I recently discovered that there is another less popular way of making more money on PublishOx besides tipping and publishing articles. If you're like me then you have seen the tab where it says Ambassador Program at the end of the PublishOx menu or at the bottom of the web page but never paid much attention to it. But that's where the money is at. The PublishOx Ambassador program is an affiliate program that pays you for making people join PublishOx using your unique Ambassador link. You can find your link when you click where it says Ambassador Program. This program pays you 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. The beauty of it all lies in that you earn 5% from both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral. These are  lifetime earnings that you will always benefit from and the more affiliates you have the more money you will make.

By being an active member of the ambassador program , you reap the benefit of an early access to paid/bountied articles first. Moreover, you get free featured article placements. Another cool feature of the Ambassador Program is it permits you to attach your ambassador link to any article on PublishOx and share it with any group. In other words, you are allowed to share any author's article you feel is interesting enough to attract people into joining PublishOx. Just remember to attach your ambassador link to the end of ANY article URL, whether it's yours or not. According to the FAQs on the Ambassador Program, " best ambassadors share relevant articles with different interest groups to increase their engagement and claim more bonuses!" So you can share the articles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc or even make a YouTube or Tik Tok video about it.  When sharing to other sites, the Ambassador program has an inbuilt link generator that allows you to generate a link unique to any site you select for maximization purposes. The  Deeper Tracking IDs feature allows you to generate additional ambassador links with Tracking IDs. This permits you to  create separate IDs for any site such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc. Tracking IDs are useful in showing you which traffic sources are working the best in drawing people to PublishOx hence increasing  the number of your affiliates.

The ambassador program also offers you free banners and website widgets to make your advertisements  more appealing. These are custom made PUBLISH0X banners and widgets that will help you in your advertising. The icing on top of it all is, there are monthly leaderboards in which the PublishOx member who has the highest number of new  recruits gets paid some money. The more people who join using your ambassador link the higher your position on the leaderboard and the more your reward will be. The draw pays on or after the 20th of the following month, meaning March leaders will receive their reward in April. There are 17 days left in March before the March draw comes to an end so lets get recruiting and win some money. Check out this picture below to see what the leader board is currently looking like in March.

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