Eyes on The Metaverse- Power to The People!

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“The Internet is a decentralized network with unlimited sources of creativity.” -Peter Sunde

With each concept of the metaverse, blockchain or cryptocurrency in general, across the various games and environments, there lies a common thread. Community owned and operated ecosystems and economies, free of centralized governing authority. Decentralization at the core.

It’s no wonder that these types of networks are catching such a following, especially after we’ve ridden the roller coaster of global pandemics and economic impact for a couple years now. Eyes are being opened to a few things. The need for a more decentralized political/economic system, opportunity that lies within competitive innovation, and that we the people have the power to see these come to fruition.


These digital environments are borderless. No government or institution can fully deny someone’s access to these borderless worlds, especially when we have the power to (individually) influence and drive one of these communities forward. Sure, things can be banned or made illegal or even heavily regulated, but when you hop outside the lens of an overreaching government, the decentralized world still stands with all it’s integrity.

Your Own World

People, especially those in poorer or more regulated economies are flocking to these games in droves. They see the power that these metaverse ideas hold. Boundless opportunity. A hope for tomorrow. Decentralized governing in practice and motion, each only gaining more traction as the day progresses. 

The Power of Internet Communities

With everything trending towards being based on the world wide web, why wouldn’t these decentralized philosophies be adopted? The internet is FULL of niche communities, and as the trend of life goes deeper into the digital, it only makes sense that there would be community based environments where people buy and sell as they please.

The internet shows time and time again the power of a borderless economy and society. Imagine what it might be like if there were no restrictions or regulations. Where everyone everywhere is *individually* working and supporting the overall growth and prosperity of the greater good. The digital world incentivizes us all to do so, at the cost of no one else- a trustless network.

Written by SMH from ofthefreemarket.com on December 21, 2021

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