CEX's Tactics to retain your money?

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Hello guys, I hope you all doing well. 

Take a look at other so called earning possibilities in Crypto exchanges rather than trading. 

Centralized Crypto Exchangesare some of the biggest contributors in the immense growth and popularity of cryptos in the crypto ecosystem, Holding,staking,trading and other limited time yield investment, provides a lot of crypto investment in their system and a chance to beginners and others to start with limited amount , but why is their so many investment options in these exchange are they really helpful or it's just some tactics to join people and raise and retain money in their portfolio. 

How these exchange retain money? 

The collapse of some major exchange (FTX) leads a risk of collapse in both exchanges and their users, which leads users to withdrawal their funds, whereas exchanges to retain funds through their different unusual rate of returns on different low yields and high yields , staking, shark fin even on little investment, just to retain money in their ecosystem . 

1. Earn : Major Crypto exchange provides a higher return on your cryptos are on their platform as a fixed investment over a limited period, they show as 300% or higher return but only provides about some cents as per your fixed period. 

2. P2P : Person to Person buy & sell of cryptos is one of the best features thats why I like these crypto exchange but it's easily visible that that buying limit is so low and sell limit is so high, also sell price is so low in terms of your buy. 

Crypto exchange are working like social media, where social media retain their users to stay more or more on their platform, Crypto exchanges manipulates it's users to spend their time and money ( Cryptos) on them . 

Their is only one feature I like is their red pocket giveaway easy money if your are active online. Apart from that i really like these platform but as a user you need to use them wisely.

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