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The crypto world is an ever changing, always growing mega entity. I used to spend hours at a screen with no real direction sometimes chasing word of mouth information or projects that I just happened to come across. I recently visited my little brother, who was sitting at his laptop and the amount of things he had going on was insane. He asked me if I'd heard of Blast an Ethereum L2 with a community like no other, oozing passion and potential. A Wallet, X(Twitter), discord and email are everything you need to explore deep into this vastness of opportunity with minimal fees. Link with invite

I was blown away. He showed me project after project jumping from games to NFTs, social platforms, trading platforms...everything that you want and need to be a self-sufficient ecosystem. Bridging is straightforward while navigation is extremely smooth and simple, one page has every destination a click away and the best part is the potential to earn is everywhere including a new jackpot system where just buy holding and placing a token/nft project into it you can earn a % if that project is rolled on the jackpot. This is just a small snippet of the page.

My first stop was a project called DistrictOne a social platform similar to discord, but with earning potential. You can buy shares of spaces, vote for gems, stake, every 2 hours upto 4 times a day you can rally with a space for gemdrops or just hang out and discuss daily happenings with occasional drops from people selling shares.

I explored endless projects, looking for something that I could settle on. I came across BlastRunnersPVP a unique on chain decision based staking game. Usually I'm so far late to the game the NFT prices for these kinds of projects have already mooned, however without breaking the bank I'm fully operational. It sounds like every other NFT staking based game. right? Wrong. Within this game you have the opportunity for your "Edge Runner" to steal $CREDITS and minted NFTS or rake in $CREDITS everytime someone unstakes. You have 4 main uniques: Boss, EdgeRunner, Business, and Workers. Pair up your workers with a business, Boost production with a boss and let your edge runners do their thing collecting freely. The White Papers are a must-read for this one.

The last one to mention was another game I stumbled upon that hit me in the nostalgia feels. The game is called Cambria a Runescape classic style onchain staking game with PARTYHATS! Whether you want to bet on the Pit where monsters duel it out, watch the big boys do 1ETH duels, or duke it out yourself with others this game has huge potential with easy to learn mechanics. I only have a handful of invite codes.

I'm not saying you'll get rich or that you may enjoy everything BLAST has to offer, but it won't hurt to check it out. Any invite links I posted aren't necessary, but if you want to use them I appreciate it. Take a look around and let me know what you think...(I'm better at writing poetry)

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