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Happy Sunday folks!

Nico here on behalf of the team. First and foremost, the goal of this account is to educate crypto users from those who have just entered the space to veterans curious about education and the difference in wallets, etc. 

but the goal of the account is also to educate and hopefully promote/enable even level skilled participants to not only secure their assets but also keep them up-to-date as to not only The product and services we provide but just generally remind them to take inventory so to speak. It never hurts to audit yourself, on the contrary it’s quite the opposite.

So what is a Bitkeep and why should I care?

As more blogs are released as I continue this venture, it’ll become more and more apparent as to why I have taken out of this position and actually take time out of my day to promote the use of this service.

Most Prominent Features (At A Glance)

• The wallet itself. Aside from being able to accommodate more than 90+ Blockchains at the time of writing, and is fully decentralized. If you’re not familiar with centralized versus decentralized wallets, that will be one of our next articles and the importance of how relevant they are to the users experience and the safety of their assets. From Testnets to custom blockchains, give it a shot and they’re all able to be incorporated into your wallet.

Oh, you can also create multiple wallets (and name them) on the app for different uses/purposes. For your crypto asset security, BitKeep adopts a special DESM (Double Encryption Storage Mechanism). Your assets will be intact even your device gets stolen.

• Integrated Swap/Bridge feature. Supporting 255,400 tokens, BitKeep Swap optimizes your Cross-chain transactions with liquidity aggregated from multiple DEXs and bridges. I can personally give this a vote of confidence as bridging tokens can be an absolute nightmare for many of us, and this feature in my opinion is an absolute godsend. 

NFT Market / Free Mints. Equipped with all-platform search capability to optimize your NFT investment journey, the aggregated Multichain NFT Market allows users to make a purchase with any token. 

• BitKeep dApp Store.

A Web3 browser that supports multiple mainnets and enables secure access. Experience the newest DeFi, trading, social, gaming DApps and favorite the DApps you use most often. I hate to admit it but I’ve spent way more time than I’d like to admit on the dApp page…. But I’ve also found some of my favorite dApps in the process O?

• Plenty More To Be In-Depth Explained, But In The Meantime:

As we are expanding our reach into areas further than Asian-Pacific region, general promotions and specifically the referral promotions are looking incredibly generous at the current time. 

Whether you create a new wallet or import an existing one onto our platform, I highly suggest utilizing a promotional code. To do this, simply download the App through your Google Play / Apple Store to ensure you’re getting the up-to-date and official version. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, on the bottom right hand side of the application you’ll see a ‘Discover’ tab. Tap that, select the icon saying ‘invitation’ and enter the invite code 

Once you’ve completed this, send a screenshot to my email at and you’ll get your first Red Packet bonus link as well ??

- Have a safe week folks, and remember, NOT YOUR KEYS NOT YOUR CRYPTO!

Nico Jones (BitKeep North America Expansion Team) 

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