Bitcoinverse Running In Beta

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What is Bitcoinverse?

Think Pokemon GO but on steroids and 24/7/365 globally nonstop.  Any business or client can place real Bitcoin rewards anywhere on the map.  sMilers can physically visit that location and collect free Bitcoin via Lightning Network

Bitcoinverse is currently being tested and performing as expected in Boston, NYC, Miami, and a few other places.  There are more than 100+ businesses already lined up to advertise on the platform.

Businesses will use a self serve portal to allocate fiat for a specific period of time or via other parameters.  sMiles handles the Lightning Network tasks and sMilers instantly earn BTC via Lightning when they arrive to collect the rewards.

Think of the impact on a merchant that needs to get customers to show up.  Pay them BTC or give money to so they can keep most of it and deliver little to no value???

Regulation and Society adoption

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